2022 Schedules

Depending on which ditch (pipeline) you draw your water from you can find your water schedule below.  The Shareholder List has all the names of shareholders assigned to that ditch and will tell you which water ZONE you are in.

 Please note that it is not the responsibility of the water master to turn individual valves on/off for every shareholder.  You, the shareholder, need to turn your own valve on and off when water is available to your zone per the schedule.  Remember also that you may share your water turn with other users in your zone and there is not enough water in the pipeline for everyone to take water at the same time.  So please use just your fair amount based on the shares you own, then turn your valve off so that others may have water.  Night times are a great time to use water.  There is always more available at night.  Please be considerate.

Disclaimer - While the board tries their best to have water in the lines at all times -  accidents, floods, repairs, etc. will sometimes result in empty lines.  Unfortunately if you do not get water during your zone time, there is no way to make it up.

Taking water outside of the time for your Zone or excessive use of water is considered theft and will result in fines to you.  So please pay attention to your schedule and your valves. 

Also please note that we are now holding shareholders accountable for breaking andor freezing valves.  Please do not over tighten the valves and at the end of the summer, open your valve so that the water drains out.  

If you have any questions, please contact the water master or any board member.

Ditch 1 (North) Ditch 2 (Center) Ditch 3 (South)
Shareholders List Shareholder List Shareholder List
Master Ditch Schedule Master Ditch Schedule Master Ditch Schedule
Zone 1     Zone 1          Zone 7     Zone --
Zone 2a/2b  Zone 2          Zone 8  Zone 2
Zone 3  Zone 3          Zone 9 Zone 3
Zone 4    Zone 4          Zone 10 Zone 4
Zone 5     Zone 5          Zone 11 Zone 5
Zone 6         Zone 6        Zone ---        Zone 6
Zone 7          Zone 14a/14b/14c/14d Zone 7
Zone 8